Cardiovascular disease risk individuals health promotion program


Cardiovascular disease (CVD), Lithuania, as well as throughout Europe, has been and continues to be the main cause of death. CVD is usually caused by risk factors that can be controlled, treated or modified. That is why, Mazeikiai District Public Health Office, together with the primary health care facilities launched by the Heart and vascular disease risk individuals and health promotion programs. Participation in the program is voluntary and free of charge.

During the program activities will lead and advise the family physician, nutritionist, physical therapist, psychologist and public health specialist. During the program, participants will be introduced to:

  • CVD risk factors and their correction and prevention opportunities;
  • Value of healthy eating – eating plan will be drawn up, from individual counseling;
  • Exercise value – will be up an individual exercise plan, participants will be trained in a variety of exercises;
  • The influence of stress CVD – participants will be trained in stress management techniques.


Persons invited to participate in the program (40-55 m. Old men and 50-65 years. Women) belonging to cardiovascular disease risk (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and blood glucose, have bad habits, overweight and so on. risk factors). Those who wish to participate in the program must first contact your family doctor, which adds to persons who agree to participate in the program list and inform the public health office. Further activities are supervised by the public health office. Times and adapted to the needs of the participants.

Program duration – 2 months. Lectures and exercise will take place in Mazeikiai District Public Health Office, Naftininkų g. 9, Mazeikiai.