According to the World Health Organization, the average age of people living in least developed countries is 43 years old and one of the most advanced countries – 78 years. The average human life expectancy in the world is almost 65 years old. Regardless of age, proper nutrition, activity and rest balance is a major health, vitality and longevity.

„You are what you eat food,” – it’s not just claptrap, it is the absolute truth. From the Stone Age to the Industry people understood perfectly natural characteristics of the product offered. Now, in the age of information technology, the importance of nutrition is so well known and scientifically based, that almost every larger Health Organization’s dietary recommendations. Proper nutrition and good health are particularly relevant. Recently, however, food is increasingly becoming a disease (obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart attack, etc.) cause.

Come’ll try „miraculous” scales – body composition analyzer that helps find:

  • body mass index, 02-pickbestfruit-fruits-big-0032-carrot,02-pickbestfruit-fruits-big-0032-carrot
  • body fat and muscle ratio,
  • vhydration,
  • metabolic age and so on. indicators.