Exercise objective – to improve the health of the body set in motion, strengthen muscles and increase joint mobility, learn to breathe correctly and to coordinate breathing with movements which correct posture flaws. Correctly performed exercise may not cause pain.

       Activities performed during exercise with your body weight, with balls or sticks. Selecting various exercise positions – lying, sitting or standing. Constantly seeks to promote human physical activity and develop a habit of daily exercise

  • Fitness exercise

    Due to inactivity and low physical activity, total disruption of the body’s systems, which are responsible for the good health and well-being. Faced with health problems, emergence of various pain, daily physical activity is further reduced. Appears not desire and fear to move, it does not lead to even greater problems. However, exercising correctly, existing or newly arising discomfort may reduce or disappear altogether.

    During exercise improves the body’s physical characteristics such as strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination. Exercise for muscle strengthening physical activity to maintain and increase. During the warm-up exercise carried out in the main part and stretching exercises. Carried out exercises to improve blood circulation, strengthens the trunk muscle strength, helps to overcome the back, neck, shoulder girdle or joint pain

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  • Back strengthening exercises

    The modern way of life, incorrect posture habits, daily activities, and the nature of work and immobility increases the chances of back pain, especially in the lumbar part of the back.

    Exercises that help strengthen your back muscles, has a positive effect on posture, strengthens the back muscles, increases spinal mobility and flexibility. In order to remove the causes that have given rise back injury, it is necessary to begin to live, move and rest so that nekenktume your back. Exercise helps prevent back pain safely strengthen your back, that pasveiktume, reduce or prevent damage and back pain.

    During the exercises strengthens weak muscles and relax those who are stressed, the vertebrae gradually takes its correct position, there is no pressure to the spinal cord, improves metabolism, blood flow and overall human well-being. The exercises regularly, consistently and correctly, will not only improve posture and strengthen the back muscles, but will avoid the serious health problems.

    This exercise program is created and performed in accordance with „safe living mechanism (biomechanics) movement principles as exercise performed incorrectly can cause even more back injury and disappointment.

    The most common exercises carried out in supine and standing „four”

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  • Heartstrengthening exercise

    Low physical activity – one of the major cardiovascular disease risk factors. Physically inactive people are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, significantly more of their mortality. The little man moving disturbance in blood pressure regulation, to blame, increases in blood lipids, changes in glucose metabolism. Each of these factors promote atherosclerosis and thus cardiovascular diseases. Even moderate physical activity has a protective effect. The treniruotesnis person, the easier heart flush out the required amount of blood. Regular physical activity reduces the incidence of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality remains.

    Physical activity is essential for a healthy heart. Heartstrengthening exercise performed during the breathing exercises, exercises combined with breathing, as well as aerobic exercise that improves heart function, helps regulate blood pressure, decreases atherosclerosis probability decreases blood clotting, helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate, trains and strengthens the heart muscle, improves blood flow in the heart vessels, training of all muscles of the body.

    Exercise during aerobic exercises standing, sitting on the therapeutic balls with sticks and using your body weight

  • Prenatal exercise

    During pregnancy changes a woman’s body moves center of balance – is starting to cause back pain, postural changes occur. Therefore, it is important to learn how to adjust the residual new workload, to begin preparing for childbirth by strengthening muscles in the body and cardiovascular system.

    In order to minimize the adverse body reactions to the changes that take place during pregnancy, necessary for the secure physical activity. It is necessary to choose the most pleasing and appropriate physical activity, formation of schedule, exercise moderately and wisely choosing exercise. Proper physical activity improves prenatal cardiovascular system, increases muscle tone and strength, and improves bowel motility.

    In a special exercise program for pregnant women includes a posture correction exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises for the legs and arms muscles, pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises, safe abdominal muscle strengthening exercises and relaxation techniques.

    That the baby be born healthy, wholesome and calm mom need to be physically active.

    Exercise being conducted exercises with your body weight in various primary positions possible during pregnancy and using a small soft balls and therapeutic balls

  • Mum gymnastics with children

    After delivery, both Mum and baby needed physical activity. Exercise during encourage mothers recover more quickly from physical and mental health after childbirth. Infants needed regular massage and exercise, in order to raise the baby motor skills, help develop their physical and mental powers. During the training, ongoing consultation on a number of short physical activity and infant development and developmental stages of the issues.

    Exercise objective – to deepen the relationship between the child and his mother, to create a good bride, child mothers and sociability, exercising group, to provide qualified information about fetal and infant motor and mental developmental stages of development, maintain the baby’s full development and to increase the mother’s physical activity.

    Workshops mothers receive not only the most necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, but also to interact with other mothers, foster children’s overall development.

    Exercise time mom to her baby herself performs massage and exercise movements. Correctly massaging and stretching the baby is formed of regular movements of the baby’s memory in the brain. Also, my mother performed various physical exercises with the baby in her arms

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  • Seniors exercise

    It is a natural, easy and healthy way to enhance your health and improve your mood. Old age appears various systems of the body changes. Therefore, exercising can help yourself active.

    The start of a living not only delays the onset of certain medical conditions and also helps to them even in the case: urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, joint, back, headaches. It helps regulate blood pressure, improves respiratory function, improves bowel function, increases muscle strength and endurance and improve joint mobility. Moving decreases depression, constantly interacting with peers, share experiences, active participation in the activities, strengthen social considerations.

    Old age physical activity can enhance health, increase life expectancy and improve quality.

    Workshops conducted active breathing exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, balance and coordination training exercises. Various tools are used: sticks, therapeutic balls and small balls soft.

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