• Public health monitoring

    Public health monitoring – deliberately organized and carried out a systematic public health, it is the public health risks of data collection, storage, processing, storage, analysis and evaluation.


    • conduct public health surveillance (monitoring), to collect, manage, analyze and interpret data in order to get detailed information about the municipal community health status, health risk factors;
    • conduct public health surveillance data dissemination;
    • plan, develop and implement targeted health research;
    • plan, develop and implement public health monitoring program;
    • plan, develop and implement child health monitoring.
    • analyze and interpret research, public health monitoring data to provide conclusions and recommendations;
    • to develop research, public health monitoring program implementation reports;
    • to provide advice on various issues of public health monitoring;
    • to submit proposals on health care organization Mazeikiai District Municipality, community and educational institutions;
    • initiate health promotion projects (programs) participate in the preparation and implementation;
    • Lithuania to organize health programs, public health programs and Mazeikiai District Municipality Council approved the implementation of programs Mazeikiai District Municipality, educational institutions and the community;
    • participate in committees and working groups.
  • Public Health Improvement

    Public Health Improvement – health education and information dissemination on healthy lifestyles, healthy lifestyle promotion, formation and behavior of the dependent public health hazard reduction and other public health measures provided for in the legislation.


    • organize and carry out health promotion in the community;
    • teach healthy lifestyle Mazeikiai District residents;
    • organize information and guides on health promotion issues, the dissemination of health knowledge in the community;
    • provide health activities methodological advice to non-governmental organizations, communities, business leaders, employees and individual citizens;
    • included in the public health promotion activities in the community and the social partners;
    • strengthening cooperation on health issues with other public health professionals, social partners and other representatives of institutions, communities, and various organizations;
    • Lithuania to organize health programs, public health programs and Mazeikiai District Municipality Council approved programs, inter-community schemes;
    • in view of the prevailing public health problems, to initiate a health project (program) design, organize and participate in their implementation;
    • organize public awareness of health issues;
    • organize health training and educational events;
    • organize and carry out mandatory health training (first aid, hygiene education and alcohol and drug-related harm to human health) courses;
    • plan and propose to the Bureau to carry out community health promotion research;
    • collect and manage health-related information and strengthening;
    • submit proposals to the Bureau, politicians, health professionals, community, non-governmental organizations and other institutions of health promotion, health protection issues.
Mazeikiai District Municipal Public Health Bureau, 2014 ACTIVITY PLAN (Download)