From October this year Mazeikiu District Public Health Office launched a program for pregnant women and mothers – „Parents School”. Existing and future parents on education and health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends maternal and child health care to pay special attention, because the woman’s health before conception, during pregnancy and maternal behavior and health care during this period has a major impact on the outcome of pregnancy and childbirth, the health of future generations.

Young parents often overestimate their knowledge, thinking that has everything you need to know. It is not: each mother to form part of the woman need to learn a lot of new information related to its new role.

Lately, especially a lot of public discussion topic receives breastfeeding. Lithuania has acceded to the World breastfeeding Week events and mass awareness-raising and promotion of breast-feeding. It is therefore very important about breastfeeding to know more before the baby came. Mazeikiu district parents had the opportunity to hear Casimir Vitkauskas, books about breastfeeding developer, Web nurturer of breastfeeding lecture topic.

Baby’s spine: WHAT? WHEN? AND HOW? (download)